Contact Center Solutions

Stay in touch with your customers in many different ways with our Contact Centre Solution (CCS), an all-in-one, comprehensive IP enterprise communications solution (IPECS) integrated with all the current BCX IPECS platforms.

What is Contact Centre Solutions?

Nowadays, customers want the ability contact businesses in many different ways. No longer should contact centres exist only to field calls. Customers should be able to make enquiries via phone, email, text, web chat and even Facebook and Twitter. Our Contact Centre Solution (CSS) provides exactly these functionalities. It is a comprehensive, integrated IP enterprise communications solution with multiple channels, allowing your customers to contact you in whichever way they please.

Despite the number of communication channels provided to customers, CSS is an easy system to manage. The product’s user interface is the CCS desk which gives you access to the key component of CCS Q Module. This manages customer enquiries efficiently, no matter where they originate. The call flow and business design tool is flexible, making managing a multi-channel contact centre simple.

CSS is easily deployed and is easy-to-use with its flexible and modular architecture. It is a scalable system, (from 5 to 400 ports) which means that you can easily expand according to customer requirements. CSS is a system that is designed to satisfy your customers; resulting in customer loyalty and higher profit.

How Will Contact Centre Solutions Benefit My Business?


  • CSS Queue is a multi-media inbound contact centre that supports unlimited queues (up to 9 999) and unlimited agents per queue (up to 250). This feature has powerful automatic call distribution as well as skills-based routing (allowing you to route call to the most suitable agent) and announcement management options.
  • Enjoy scheduling and overflowing, emergency mode, multi-media and social network options, and announcement and hold music per queue. Enjoy powerful CSS add-ons

View reports

  • The CSS Dashboard allows a supervisor or manager to view real-time statistic reports.
  • Two Dashboard licences are provided on all bundles.
  • The CSS Report allows you to generate 130 different types of reports. This can be in email, excel, printed or PDF format. Graphical reports are also available.

Manage efficiently and easily

  • The CSS Desk Client is a soft client which controls telephony and provides advanced service management

Call customers back

  • The Call-Back in Queue feature allows the customer to request a call back, which will be routed to the Call-Back Queue.
  • This is bundled with packages for 20 agents or more but is available as an optional add-on feature for packages with less than 20 agents.

More About Contact Centre Solutions

IPECS CSS has a variety of add-on features for inbound calls.

Here is what is on offer:

Web Call Back

  • Web Call Back lets your customers request a call back via your website. The IPECS CCS Q Module will then assign the new request to an available agent and allow the agent to see the previous web page visited by the customer.

Call Back in Queue

  • Call-back in Queue allows your customers to leave their call back information (return number, voice mail or the default Caller ID). Customers do not lose their queue position.
  • Call-back in Queue is available with CCS Agent Bundles of 20 or more. For bundles with less than 20 agents, Call back in Queue will need to be selected when required.

Email, voice, fax queuing

  • Email, voice, fax queuing
  • The IPECS CCS Q Module handles inbound multi-media including email, fax and voice mail the same way phone calls are handled. Multimedia is queued and then routed to the most suitable available agent. The CCS Q Module retrieves the mails (and makes copies) from the email server and forwards it to the available agent via an outgoing server. An agent will receive the mail with each message.

Supported inbound email server protocols:

  • IMAP
  • Microsoft Exchange (2007/2010/Online Web Services)

Additional CCS Requirements:

  • Agents must have their own email address and email client application.
  • CCS Desk agents must be configured with the correct email addresses.

Other requirements

  • SMTP Server must be available to forward the email to agents.
  • SMTP Server must accept basic text authentication.

Optional Modules

  • CCS Call Outbound Basic and Advance Module
  • The CCS Call Outbound Basic and Advance Module is the IP multi-media outbound contact centre solution which provides affordable and professional telemarketing and outbound management with comprehensive reporting solutions. Campaign data can be loaded from Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) or directly from selected CRMs. Configuration can be done based on the following:
  • Skills Based Routing (to the most suitable agent)
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited queues (up to 9999)
  • Unlimited agents per queue (up to 250)
  • Completion Codes
  • Automatic and scheduled retry
  • Campaign expiry date and scheduling
  • Built-in CRM integration for list retrieval
  • Historical reporting & dashboard
  • Call back / SMS
  • CCS Call Outbound Basic has two modes: Preview and Progressive.
  • CCS Call Outbound Advanced has three modes: Preview, Progressive and Pre-emptive mode. Only one outbound module can be selected.

CCS IVR Module (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Let an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) attend to your customers’ calls, without involving human agents. IVR lets you take care of transactions and services without any personal interaction. Customer DB or CRM integration is supported.

CCS SMS Module

  • The SMS module allows for SMSs to be used in the Call Centre as a form or a notification. Agents can SMS each other or send out messages in bulk. An SMS Gateway will be required and it must be provided by you. The SMS Gateway Service Provider must supports HTTP link interface.
  • Supported SMS Gateway Service providers include:
  • SMS Global
  • ClickATell
  • RedOxygen
  • Other SMS Gateway Service Provides will need to be confirmed.
  • CCS Web Chat & IM Module
  • IPECS CCS Chat provides you with a Web Chat Instant Messaging service, which allows your customers to chat with you on your website. Features includes;
  • Multi-media queue supported with CCS Q
  • Greeting message limit: Max 100 characters
  • Can be integrated with Microsoft OCS or other CRM
  • Transfer current chat request to others
  • You will need to have your own website and integration must be done by developer.

Social Networking Module

  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Customers can now enter the call queue by tweeting and Facebook messaging the contact centre
  • CCS Twitter Call back is used for connecting customers using twitter.
  • Twitter call back is similar to Web call back.
  • Authentication is needed to use twitter integration.
  • Facebook Call-Back management works the same way as Inbound Email Queue Management does – I.e. queued and routed to the next available agent. The agent must be allowed to reply to Facebook via email on behalf of the registered user.
  • You must have an existing Twitter and Facebook Account to make use of this service.