E-commerce has gone from a novelty to a business essential in a little more than a decade. The ability to sell products to a global audience through your online web presence is no longer a luxury. In fact, it is now often the primary sales channel for a growing number of businesses. With no employees, a virtual store needs to do more than offer your products and services though. It is also the visible face of your business. That means it needs to convey trust and credibility to visitors as much as it allows them to make purchases. Any visitor should enjoy the design itself and the way products are displayed. They should be able to relate to your message through the deign language, including text, color and graphical content. A trustworthy, relatable virtual sales assistant.

Your graphics should reflect the quality of your product to visitors. Content should be both informative about your business and products, and a persuasive message to drive sales. Our team has significant experience in both new web designs and redesigns for a wide variety of clients and markets. This provides us with the insight and knowledge to provide the most effective designs possible for your business. Whether you need development OS Commerce, WordPress plugins or other open source solutions, we have the experience to provide highly effective solutions. We have an extensive portfolio of completed e-commerce solutions to demonstrate that market awareness. Each of our designs is optimized for maximum conversion through Google Optimizer to ensure the best outcome possible.

Our history of providing rich, scalable, e-commerce solutions based upon high performance technology is the basis of the trust our clients show in us every day. We know what you need to maximize your online presence and reach your goals.

Advantages of our service

We are customer focused, our designs are created to ensure your visitors enjoy the finest online shopping experience possible.

The Kode Ruki e-commerce division has all the tools and expertise needed to provide your high quality, effective online store. Each design is created to expand the reach of your business, providing global payment and complete checkout solutions.

By offering a variety of payment options, our service helps grow your online sales across multiple channels and throughout the world.

We can help you find solutions that fit your precise needs quickly, providing a seamless and familiar shopping experience for your audience.

Comprehensive, easy to use data analysis tools allow you to learn more about your visitors, adding value to your online presence.

Our payment solutions provide easy, fast payments, improving your operational efficiency throughout your sales channel.



  • Our Project Management system provides a full site map with strategic planning.
  • Product catalog planning with our e-commerce consulting solution.
  • Customized, responsive graphic and web design.
  • Fully featured shopping cart using Web marketing “best practices”.
  • Multi-browser quality control with cross platform features.
  • SSL certifications and Custom tailored categories with product list views.

Our Services:

  • Customized theme development for e-commerce design and integration.
  • E-commerce installation with custom cart solutions.
  • Sound Customization of default functionality of e-commerce with Shipping and Payment Module Integration.