Email Marketing

Kode Ruki Email Marketing Services in South Africa presents you with our highly reliable email marketing offer to super charge your advertising campaigns. Our email marketing in South Africa teams are well trained to suit the customer requirements and our team are very interested to work with you in your next advertising campaign. We guarantee and make sure that you get  result not just the best of services and promises from our side. Working with vertilex team would never make you feel as if you’re just regular customer we provide services. Instead, we promise to make you feel as the only special customer we have. We analyze and test every email marketing campaign to avoid any spam listing or black listing of your domain and IP address. All our solutions and packages are proven with results, and its  guaranteed to have the best result at the most reasonable cost. Our team are working and are available inside South Africa to assist you in email marketing in South Africa.

E-Mail Marketing is the most easiest and time saving way to introduce your projects, product or services in South Africa. Our more than  2 million South Africa Database which is valid and verified South African business email addresses which are gather through business partners here in Africa can help you the best in your campaign. We have the vision how to make your product, services more popular and demanding. Get your own marketing solution today and run your campaign with Kode Ruki team.

If you are looking for SMS marketing services in South Africa or Whatsapp marketing services in South Africa then we can give you extra ordinary discount with these 2 marketing campaigns, kindly visit our page sms marketing in South Africa for more details for packages and prices, also list of our database is explained in clear words to get an idea how many mobile numbers we have for your targeted audience.

Email Marketing Packages


Country Profession Emails Count
South Africa Real Estate Agents 30,000
South Africa Property Owners 260,000
South Africa Business Owners 45,000
South Africa Managers 25,000
South Africa Misc (doesn’t have any details for profession) 2 millions
South Africa Expatriates Mix All 2.3 Millions
DATA ALL OVER South Africa 4.96 Millions