ocuWare is document management and workflow automation software. Organizations worldwide use DocuWare to capture, route and securely archive their most important business information.

How DocuWare benefits your organization

DocuWare Cloud is a full-featured document management system in the cloud

Move to the cloud

Scale, power and mobility are within reach to any team using cloud software. And the benefits over traditional on-premises software are myriad: financial flexibility, administrative and IT simplicity, easier path to adoption. With DocuWare Cloud, you get every feature of the full platform. No compromises.

DocuWare helps companies get rid of paper and go green

Go paperless and go green

Every year, millions of dollars are lost managing paper documents: printing, storing, finding and recovering files is a resource drain no one wants. Digitization not only secures your information for headache-free access and compliance but significantly reduces your environmental footprint.

Automate workflow and key processes with DocuWare document management

Automate processes

When digital workflow is automated, every member of the team wins. Reducing manual steps speeds up approvals. Removing data entry minimizes errors. And tasks reminders keep everyone focused. DocuWare provides the tools to automate even the most complex workflow without time-consuming implementation.

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DocuWare Cloud

Our industry-leading platform that delivers document management and workflow automation in the cloud.

Preconfigured cloud solutions

Invoice processing and human resources solutions designed from the experience of thousands of customer deployments.

Integration capabilities

Explore how DocuWare works seamlessly within your mission-critical business applications.

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