We believe teamwork makes the dream work, so we built ShortPoint to keep teams in sync and winning at scale. ShortPoint is an easy to use design software that installs as an extension within your existing intranet environment and works seamlessly with Office 365, SharePoint, SAP Cloud Portal and Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint Intranet sites can be easily integrated with ShortPoint

If you’re designing a Microsoft SharePoint intranet site, you’ll love ShortPoint!

Click below to choose your intranet SharePoint version and download ShortPoint for easy integration and straightforward customization for SharePoint intranet sites.

Create unique Microsoft Teams Designs with ShortPoint.

ShortPoint brings creativity and functionality to Microsoft Teams, allowing for tabs with our unique elements & features. ShortPoint is more than Microsoft Team themes, it’s a complete integration with impressive design elements and features!

Page Builder / Design Stunning Intranet Pages with no code

If you’re looking for a SharePoint Builder, start with ShortPoint. Top companies are using ShortPoint’s Live Mode to Design, Brand and Build gorgeous SharePoint Intranet websites with no coding.

SharePoint Theme Builder / Build consistent brand identity.

Feel like a SharePoint theme designer by customizing SharePoint themes in minutes. Whether you’re building for Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, our Theme Builder will help you create an intranet theme that reflects the unique culture of your company.