Which route to Cloud do you take? Which applications should you move “off-prem” and cloud-side? Should you move to cloud at all? Is your business ready for cloud and if so, what is the strategy for a successful migration? All of these questions and more can be answered with the help of our Cloud Experts. We can work with you from assessment, through to strategy definition and execution, operating from a mutually created blueprint that can accelerate your cloud transformation or cloud adoption goals for many areas of your business.

Our cloud experts can advise you on many cloud platforms covering compute services, unified communications and security to name the predominant few. With significant experience of successful client cloud migrations, we are ready and willing to help you make your cloud goals a reality.

Our Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Working with your organisation we can assess and determine which business or IT drivers warrant cloud adoption and the suitability of application migration.

Cloud Strategy Creation and Roadmap

We create a future state vision that allows you to bridge the gap from your current set up and execute your proposed one.

Cloud Migration Prioritisation

We identify those assets that are best moved to cloud based on business relevance, business value and cost efficiencies.

Cloud Service ROI

We identify and evaluate the ROI for cloud services and advise and guide you on the most suitable cloud investments.

Our Approach to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives you the ability to access all your data, networks and software from any device, anywhere in the world. As your information is stored in virtual Cloud space, it’s extremely important to implement digital solutions that are not only fast, functional and secure but also a good fit for your business model.

Our Cloud Consulting service will help you identify the right digital tools to support the specific needs, goals and structure of your organisation. At Littlefish, we believe in a vendor-agnostic approach or in other words, we source the best solutions for you, regardless of who the seller is.

With reliable Cloud hosting and an award-winning Cyber security team working on your Cyber defences, we offer access to market-leading technology while never losing focus on the safety or performance of your virtual workspace.

Benefits of Our Cloud Consultancy Service

The Cloud contributes to a seamless workflow in a convenient virtual workspace where your team can collaborate and share information in an instant. This allows you to streamline your processes and improve the overall productivity across the business.

When you choose to work with Littlefish you benefit from:

  • Expert Cloud Consultancy on Demand
  • In-depth consultations remotely and on-site
  • Comprehensive pricing model for great ROI
  • KPI-driven Cloud strategy
  • Best tools regardless of the vendor
  • 24/7/365 IT Support