Kode Ruki has a reputation for building highly attractive, memorable websites featuring rich content suitable for tablets, phones and desktops in a single code.

Consumers today desire demanding and innovative out-of-the-box mobile applications with a sophisticated user experience. We provide comprehensive solutions, featuring technology such as location awareness along with video and mapping facilities. Data capture using real time applications with near field communications is available, enhancing the operational options available. All data can also be synchronized across various platforms, leveraging a wide variety of devices and the latest OS systems. Mobile applications are developed in a quick and efficient manner.

We provide the guidance and expertise to deliver great applications across various channels using java script and integrating the user interface with quality backend services.

We offer a unique experience for mobile and desktop with the build, design and testing of new channels in 80% less time.

Easily reuse assets across channels with cloud-based logic and service integrations. You can always leverage loose couplings between the rich set of user experiences, creating client logic and cloud based services.

Gadget Support

  • Provides the tools to create a rich set of web and native hybrid applications with a single code base.
  • Designed for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry Phones, feature phones, and tablets.
  • Always supports native browsers and creates a rich experience for UIs across form factors.


  • Mobile solutions, anywhere.
  • Sound Strategy and implementation for Test automation.
  • Android customization with a rich set of architecture for the next-generation of mobile applications.
  • Easy design and user experience for evaluation and support.

Next-Generation Website Support

  • Easily create next generation web applications with the help of a single user code base.
  • Designed for Desktop with tablet and mobile web applications.
  • Easy integration of JSP and .NET infrastructure with responsive web design.
  • Always leverage third-party frameworks like JQuery.
  • Single page architecture with self-contained web applications and also comply with HTML5 and CSS3 standards.